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Dear Reader,

Let me get straight to the point here… Having a monthly income is what keeps my bills paid each and every month. Until you have a monthly income coming in, your bills aren’t going to get paid each month. You’re constantly going to be worrying about what to do next to make more money.

And you can forget about ever quitting your job until you’re making enough monthly recurring income to pay all your bills off!

So I have put together an amazing offer that will allow you to have your very own private label rights (PLR) coaching and training membership site, so you can create that recurring income that you so desperately need!

That’s a good question, so let me lay this all out for you…

First… All you will have to do is provide me with a domain name you want to use for your PLR coaching and training membership. If you don't know what domain name to use I can help you come up with ideas, but you just need something that's realted to making money with PLR.

Second… I’ll provide you with hosting so you don’t have to worry about paying for that… You get an entire year of FREE hosting for your site on our amazing servers!

Third… I’ll setup a fully functional membership site for you that will deliver a brand new lesson on using PLR content to make money to your customer each month for one year. That’s 12 months of lessons on a topic so many want to know about, and you don't have to create ANY of it. I'm doing it for you!

Fourth… I’ll create a sales letter that sells your membership site for you… And this is proven copy created by one of the best copywriters in the industry!

Fifth… I’ll create your marketing system that will allow you to take payments, have an affiliate program, and allow you to make as much money as possible!

Not only will I do all of that, but I will also…

Advertise your membership site for you – We have a co-op ad program where we advertise PLR training related products and services. Your site will be put in this advertising co-op so that you’ll receive traffic from MY advertising efforts. We use mailings to my own list, paid solo ads, website advertising, and more, so that you get the BEST traffic to your site!

Run your support for you – Don’t worry about not knowing how to deal with your customers when they have problems or questions. I’m going to do all of your support for you!

Coach and train you – You’ll also be getting unlimited email access to me personally (not my staff or someone else… Me… Liz Tomey), so when you have questions, need help, or anything else I’ll be right there for you.

I’ll also teach you how to drive traffic and run your affiliate program so you can have others making money for you, and any other training you might need.

Generally this is where most people would go into a big sales pitch… I just told you everything that’s in this package, so I know I don’t need to pitch anything to you because this is truly an amazing offer!

I’m building you a private label rights coaching and training membership where you'll provide your customers with a new lesson on making money with PLR content each month (and everyone and their bother wants this kind of information) that’s proven to make money, I'm advertising it for you, running your support for you, and coaching you on how to use it…

EVERYTHING is included with no hidden costs or fees!

You’re probably now asking how much this is all going to cost, right?

Let’s break down what all of this would cost you normally, and then I’m going to blow you away with an amazing surprise ultra low cost for all of this!

To have someone JUST build a membership site for you with no content would cost you about $2000. MINIMUM!

To have someone create 12 months of lessons for you would cost you about $1000 a month for a total cost of $12,000!

Yes I’m serious… People who create content have really high prices because of the amount of work it takes to develop it! However, I’m personally creating the content for you, and I charge $3000 for a months worth of membership content so for a years worth of content from me you’d pay $36,000!

Then you’ve got the cost of the sales letter which is another $1000 – $2000…

Graphics for another $200…

Domain name and hosting for a year would cost you $130 minimum…

A support desk person would cost you $10 an hour and if you only had to use them for 10 hours a week in a years time you would spend $5,200…

Advertising co-op which I charge $297 a month for which for one year would cost you $3,564!

Affiliate program setup which I charge $1000 for…

Coaching which I charge $497 a month for… You’re getting me for an entire year, and that would normally cost you $5964…

So the grand total here WOULD be… Don’t fall out of your chair and hurt yourself, but it WOULD be…

Total Cost: $56,058… MINIMUM

At that rate it would take you a year or even more to start seeing PROFITS from all the money you had to put into having someone create a membership site for you and teach you to make money from it...

There's just no need for you to spend that kind of time AND money on something that may or may not make you money.

I want to do all the work for you on something that I KNOW makes money!

I want to see you making PROFITS now!

I want to see you having enough money to pay your monthly bills now!

I want to see you quitting that job you hate and enjoying a lifestyle of YOUR choosing now!

So, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the $56,058 it would take to put this together!

You can jump on this one time opportunity for a one time setup fee of only $197 and we wont charge you a dime to maintenance your site and run your support for you for one full year!

Yes seriously… That’s all I’m charging! That’s $55,561 LESS than it would cost you for something like this…

There is one HUGE catch though…

I’m only allowing 50 9 more person to get in on this opportunity at this time, and I’m doing this because 1. I want to see you easily succeed,and 2. because I can’t possibly build more membership sites and coach this many people at one time.

As soon as you purchase you’ll give us your information to set everything up for you, and we’ll get started building your membership site, and getting you on the path to a monthly income that will set you free!

I simply can’t make this offer any better!

You’re getting a fully functional membership site that is a proven seller, all the bells and whistles that come with it, coaching, and everything else above for a onetime payment of $197 and we wont charge you a dime to maintenance your site and run your support for you for one full year!

And remember this offer is strictly limited to ONLY 50 9 more client right now, so you’ve got to act now. These kinds of opportunities don’t come around often, so jump on board and let me help you change your life! Just click the order button below and you'll be one step closer to your own monthly income!

I understand that with my purchase I'm getting...

A fully installed PLR coaching and training membership site with ALL 12 months of content pre-loaded that will be dripped to my customers each month for a full 12 months!

A complete marketing system installed and fully running that will allow me to start getting members to my membership site right away!

Entrance into the advertising co-op where my membership site will be advertised for a full year!

Full support, coaching, and more for an entire year from Liz Tomey! This includes all coaching workshops and programs related to my membership site!

And so so so much more!

Just click the order button below to grab one of the 50 9 more spot available and we will have your fully functioning membership site to you in 48-72 hours from right now!

One Time Payment Of $97 DFY PLR Coaching Membership


Two Monthly Payments Of $48.50 DFY PLR Coaching Membership - 2 Pay

P.S. This isn’t some lame “latest and greatest” ebook, software, video series, etc… This is me personally building you a ready to go membership site, and offer all the coaching you’ll need to create a monthly income. I am only offer this to the first 50 9 more person at this time though, so don’t risk coming back to this page and seeing a sold out notice…